HazMat Suit – PPE Quiz

What NFPA standard covers protective ensembles for first responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents?

OSHA 1910.134 is the regulation for what method of personal protection?

OSHA 1910.120(g)(3)(ii) states PPE shall be selected based on:

NFPA defines 4 protective ensemble classes. Which class provides the highest level of protection?

OSHA classifies a typical FD work uniform as what level of protection

According to OSHA, Level B and C PPE are essentially the same except for what major difference?

Of the 4 major hazards to responders, which is considered the greatest hazard?

When faced with a splash hazard with a known level of contaminant and amount, What level of protection is most appropriate?

What is the most probable OSHA Level of PPE for a scenario involving chlorine in a confined atmosphere?

OSHA 1910.120(q) specifies levels of training for personnel. What level of training is best suited for Level A entries?

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