Hazmat team called in; Ebola ruled out

Source: KGNS

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) – A hazmat team was reported having been seen at a local hospital, and rumors are appearing all over social media as to its purpose.

A fire department spokesperson tells KGNS News that they received a call from a sick man early Friday afternoon.

They say they took all precautionary measures believing that the symptoms the man was describing could have been related to Ebola.

Video of the fire department’s shows the hazmat team outside the hospital’s emergency room.

The patient was taken to the hospital with signs of a possible infectious disease.

Ebola was ruled out after the man denied having been to Africa, or having been in contact with someone who had traveled to the country recently, and having no fever.

The emergency manager coordinator for the city, fire chief Steve Landin, has confirmed that ebola was ruled out.

However, the hazmat team was called in to decontaminate the ambulance, personnel, and anyone who may have come into contact with the patient.

Landin says another possible diagnosis that is being considered is dengue fever, but city health officials have not been able to confirm that as of yet.

Once again, out of an abundance of precaution city emergency personnel followed all infectious disease protocols.

We’ll have more developments when they are available.

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