HAZMAT team responds to mercury spill in Barrington

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HAZMAT team responds to mercury spill in Barrington

A hazardous-materials team responded to a mercury spill in Barrington on Sunday afternoon that was caused by a man who dropped a piece of equipment in his bedroom.

A Barrington fire captain told NBC 10 News that the equipment had mercury in it and that the spill at a home on Fountain Avenue was more than the typical size that would come from a thermometer.

The department did not elaborate on the kind of equipment but did say it was not suspicious.

The state Department of Environmental Management said it would take air quality measurements when the cleanup was finished.

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  1. Mercury, what a scary metal when not handled correctly. Years ago I walked into a laboratory for core analysis (oil service company) when an overhead Mercury tube when went from one piece of testing equipment to another erupted. Mercury spewed everywhere. It was not only on my clothes but in my hair and in my eyes and ears. Emergency personnel isolated us and we were cleaned up then spent more time doing paperwork. Never want to do that again!
    Thanks for all you do.

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