HAZMAT teams across Australia respond to suspicious packages at multiple consulates



Emergency services in Australia are responding to reports of suspicious packages that have been discovered at several embassies and consulates in Melbourne and Canberra.

While authorities have yet to name the specific targets, the United States and British diplomatic offices are among a list of the diplomatic missions in Melbourne that were evacuated after reports of the suspicious packages surfaced. Swiss, German, Korean, Greek, Italian, Indian, Pakistani and Egyptian consulates were also reportedly targeted.

Emergency services, including Hazmat teams, are currently responding to the incidents. At least 18 Hazardous Materials Response units have been deployed across Melbourne, Nine News Australia said in their latest report, noting that at least 13 consulates received suspicious packages that may contain “asbestos.”

“Police and emergency services have responded to suspicious packages to embassies and consulates in ACT & VIC,” Australian Federal Police said on Twitter, adding that the contents of the parcels are being “examined” by emergency services. “The circumstances are being investigated,” the statement added.

At least ten “Hazardous Material” alerts were listed on the Emergency Victoria website within half an hour of the first report of a suspicious package, just before 2:00 pm local time.

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