HAZMATTERS: Corpus Christi Fire Department

HAZMATTERS: Corpus Christi Fire Department


Today, we would like to recognize the HAZMATTERS of the Corpus Christi Fire Department. These fulltime/cross staffed individuals hail from the County of Nueces in Southern Texas. The population served by this team is currently upwards of 320,000.

Along with many municipal first in hazards, Corpus Christi is also home to the nation’s 6th largest port. Along with this port, the area also boasts a heavy industrial refining presence with many crude oil processing facilities, as well as chemical processing facilities. The team trains in house on their own monitoring and identifying equipment including: AreaRae, HazID, first defender, GasID, Draeger and many other brands. Also, the team places industrial fire high on their training priority list, due to the amount of facilities in the area. Recently, the team has begun training with the 6th Civil Support team out of San Antonio to up the skill levels of their responders, and practice working together in case the need were to arise.

The teams current rig is a 2001 E-One with command/research equipment and PPE. Their decon trailer carries not only decon equipment, but also enough to run a hazmat call independently if needed. The team also has ready a foam trailer, packed with 500 gallons of Thunderstorm foam. A 1X3 monitor with preplumbed foam intake to the nozzle (1250 gpm), and also a “Big Bertha” monitor with a 3000 GPM nozzle


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  1. Thanks to Hazmatnation for the recognition to us and CCFD and all other Hazmat teams. You are a very valuable asset that we regularly use.

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