Hazmatters – County of Lebanon Special Operations and Hazmat Team

Team Training

By imagination. I’ve released different colored ping pong balls (hazmat) into a running creek and the team had to build an underflow dam to stop the hazmat( ping pong balls).
We also use the National Emergency Response Hazmat Drills book.
We’ve also used lego’s in a communications drill.

Team Equipment

We have a 1989 Mack/E-One Walk-in Rescue that has our research area inside. It also carries our confined space equipment, Rope Rescue equipment, Decontamination Equipment.
1999 HME Squad. This is are true hazmat apparatus with various meters, extinguishers, our suiting supplies, research books, booms, socks, pads, pillows, off-load pumps, etc.2006 Ford F-550 that is used as a utility type vehicle, but we also use it for DOA Body removals. It carries extra Hi-Dri, booms, pads and socks. Overpack and 55 gallon drums.2009 F-450 that is used as our utility/Duty Officer vehicle with a Tommy Gate on the back of it.

Team Slogan: ‘The House of Blues’

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