HAZMATTERS: Santo Fire and EMS


HAZMATTERS: Santo Fire and EMS

Today we are highlighting the responders from Santo, TX as our newest HAZMATTERS.  This volunteer municipal team is located in the county of Palo Pinto, and serves a population of close to 12,000.  Through the responders run area, lies 16 miles of I-20 which is a hazardous material cargo route for the southern US.



This special operations section of Santos Fire trains regularly through interdepartmental trainings, regional trainings, and even participates in state wide training.  This ensures that the team will always be ready to go at a moments notice. This division is based out of station number 1 and utilizes a 2006 Ford 6500 walk around heavy rescue truck.  Some of the hazmat gear on board consists of: Specialized PPE, large spill containment supplies, ruptured/leaking container mitigation equipment, and of course detection equipment.


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