HazMatXTalk is a Live Webinar where members of the HazMat response community are given 20 minutes to present a topic in front of the audience. After the end of your presentation time is given for members in the audience to ask questions related to your subject. If pictures are provided our moderator will present them during your presentation. You are only limited to speaking about something useful to the response community and is based on the TedX format. A moderator will introduce each presenter but will not ask questions. The questions will be left to the end and come from members in the audience.

Use the form below or click the image above to submit.

Just want to be in the audience? Episodes of HazMatXTalk will be promoted here (reminder email coming soon).

HazMat X Talk ideas:

  • Difficult or interesting response
  • Training ideas
  • HazMat Fitness
  • HazMat Equipment (Maintenance and Repair ideas)
  • About your team
  • Your GBI, Grand Big Idea

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