High Profile WPL (White Powder Letter), and you are on shift

HMN – News broke today that a ‘suspicious substance’ was a concern at place where a Presidential candidate has a headquarters. The thing about WPL’s is they can happen anywhere but tend to follow the newsmakers. WPL next to the coffee stand at the local cafe may get less attention than when government buildings and high-ranking officials are involved. Despite the extra attention and a flock of media helicopters zooming in on your entry team; a cool methodical approach works every time and HazMat can do our job. In a way we have the easy job. Sample. Test. Advise. It is up to Law Enforcement to piece together a nexus and find the perpetrator. Complicating matters may be persons ‘contaminated’ through actual or psychosomatic contact with the substance. If your first in includes a ‘target’ rich environment, take the time to review your WPL procedures and coordinate with your partners in Law and Public Health. Drilling with familiar faces makes a high profile incident like any other day at the coffee stand.

Fine work today by our brothers and sisters in Houston who got the job done!

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