Homemade HazMat: Rolling Meth Labs

HMN- One batch at a time, Middle America is cooking methamphetamine. The “one pot” method of methamphetamine production is simply mixing household hazardous materials and waiting for the reaction. These clandestine meth producers are not experienced chemistry teachers. Operational awareness of your surroundings is paramount when dealing with these situations. “Cooks” are using cars, trash cans, even Wal-Mart bathrooms as a place to cook meth. Although many states are limiting the precursor’s availability, it’s a growing problem. Persons reporting meth labs consistently describe a strong chemical smell. If you have drugs in your community, you most likely have methamphetamine, one pot batching, and meth trash. The common methamphetamine production methods are the One Pot (Shake and Bake Method), Birch Reduction (Nazi Method), and Red Phosphorus (Red P). Respiratory and flash protection must be taken seriously; complacency is a major danger to consider for responders.

Eaton PD Meth

Finished one pot taken from a car stop. Photo Credit: Eaton Police Department

According to The StarPress

“HARTFORD CITY – Authorities said a Muncie felon and a Hartford City woman were in the process of “cooking” methamphetamine when their vehicle was pulled over in northern Delaware County.”

Full News Article Here

Link: Indiana State Police Clandestine Lab Incidents 2015

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The guys, with the help of Jason Rogers and behind the scenes help by Todd Burton, also review the Meth Lab QUIZ!

About The Author

Jason Rogers is the Emergency Management Director in Muncie/Delaware County, Indiana. Jason has served as a 20 year paramedic and currently holds a dual role as the Director of EMS. He worked for five years as a Muncie Police Officer and received the FOP Medal of Valor during swat operations when a fellow swat officer was shot. As a paramedic, he served as the medical coordinator and later, the commander for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 6 Response Task Force. Jason currently serves as the Delaware County HazMat Coordinator and is a hazardous materials technician. Delaware County EMS staffs a Variable Incident Pre-hospital Emergency Response (VIPER) Team which provides MCI, HazMat, and SWAT medic services. In 2016, Jason was appointed by the Indiana Governor to the Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education. Jason is married and has two teenagers who are multi sport athletes.


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