How well do you know your railcars?


What is the highest pressure for the type of tanker shown (hint: it's a high pressure tanker)?


High pressure tankers carry?


High pressure tankers load and unload from?


Mitigation tools for a valve leak on a high pressure car would be?


What is the highest pressure for a general service tanker?


General Service cars differ from High Pressure because?


General service tankers can carry?


Corrosive or Acid Tankers are considered?


Corrosive or Acid tankers always have a center red stripe.


Hazards associated with this type of tanker could be?

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  1. A general service tank car has a maximum pressure of 165psi. That question was not one of the choces.

  2. Bill Barnholt, Jr.

    A DOT 111A100W1 tank car is designed to transport “non-pressure” type products. The “100” denotes that the tank car has been tested at 100 psi when the DOT regulations require the test. However, the tank test pressure is only about 30% of the tank’s burst pressure. This means that the tank can hold about 335 psi inside before exploding.

  3. Bill Barnholt, Jr.

    A DOT 105J500 tank car is tank tested at 500 psi during it’s required tank test. Again this is about 30% of the tank’s burst pressure. This means that this car can hold about 1650psi before exploding.

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