Hydrogen explosion kills one at Albanian refinery

HMN-Reuters has reported that one person was killed, and atleast seven others have been wounded in an Albanian refinery explosion.  A malfunctioning hydrogen valve is believed to be the culprit. This comes only 2  months after a 52 million dollar refinery revamp.

TIRANA, Nov 11 (Reuters) – An explosion at an Albanian-U.S.-owned refinery in the southern area of Ballsh overnight killed one person and wounded seven others, causing an enormous fire that was put out on Friday.

Police said a malfunctioning hydrogen valve caused the explosion in the refinery, which started operating two months ago after a $52 million revamp.

Seven workers were wounded and were being treated for severe burns, with four of them being treated in the capital Tirana. The condition of two of them was still life-threatening.

Damages were estimated to be around $1 million, according to news reports. Prosecutors were investigating “a failure to observe technical rules”.

The Energy Ministry’s inspection team said hydrogen pressure at the valve was three times higher than the normal level.

The refinery owners were not available for comment.


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