Industrial Fire Quiz ‘The Basics’

Industrial Fire Quiz

An Industrial Fire Quiz designed to help you improve your game and stay safe. Industrial Fire is unique and definitely requires special skills. As HazMatters we have many dangers to face. Many of us have Industrial Fire facilities in our first in. Find the answers the articles on Industrial Fire in  This is the first in a series of new quizzes for Industrial Fire.  Good luck.

Which type of pipe connection has two flat ends joined together?

H2S has the ability to deaden which sense?

What emergency has occurred if product lines have released inside of a furnace?

What accident has occurred when gas and / or oil spew from around a drilling stem?

What NFPA standard covers industrial fire brigades?

What's the most common fuel used to fire most blast furnaces?

What is likely in this Tank?

This tank most likely holds______?

What is this roof called?

What type of roof does this tank have?

Is Hydrogen Sulfide Flammable?

industrial fire hazsim

What can interfere with the H2S readings on your meter?

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  1. Good quiz

    Marcaptons was the more likely answer to the cross contamination question but carbon monoxide at 100ppm can show a 2 ppm h2s.

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