When Municipal Meets Industrial

industrial fire

Industrial Fire

Industrial Fire meets Municipal Fire

HMN- Suncor power failure leads to yellow plume discharge near Denver, CO.

According to the Denver Post;

A power failure at the Suncor Energy refinery on Friday sent a yellow-orange smoke plume billowing over the area, forcing a highway closure and prompting a school lockdown, but fire officials said there were no concerns about public safety downwind from the plant.

In times of emergency, our nearby facilities start rolling out their emergency SOG’s with environmental monitoring, and safe shutdown procedures.  These responders are a different breed of HAZMAT responder, they are the industrial firefighter.  With specialized equipment and a will to protect their neighbors outside their facility, they respond with determination and alacrity.

As municipal responders, we sometimes overlook our industrial fire interface challenges in our own areas.  What some may not realize is the potential mutual aid help that we have in our area industry.  For example, some facilities have air monitoring teams, oil spill response teams, and other specialized forces that we can utilize.  Get to know your local industrial responders, you never know when you may need them.

Make sure they know what to expect in an emergency situation. High risk occupations require hands on training and HazSim enables you to offer the most effective training available today.


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