Injuries reported after gas tanker explosion in Northern Israel

tanker explosion


Injuries reported after gas tanker explosion in Northern Israel

(YNet News)

Four men were seriously hurt Monday in a gas tanker explosion at a gas stop near the northern city of Tamra.
All four men were evacuated to Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa suffering from severe burns.
The hospital said that all four are given artificial respiration due to extensive burns in their upper body and will be transferred to an intensive care unit for further treatment.
First responders who treated one of the men hurt in the incident, said they found the injured man en route to the site of the explosion.
“We were on our way to the scene when, at the entrance to the industrial area, we were stopped by a private car and inside it was lying an unconscious man in his 30s, with burns all over his body,” the paramedics said.
“We transferred him quickly to the ambulance, gave him an advanced treatment and evacuated him to the hospital in serious condition.”


Police blocked off the area and isolated the scene. The blast caused heavy damage to the scene, and nearby buildings were also damaged.

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