Kindergarten Chemicals: Cleaning products cause situation at daycare

HMN-Routine calls, is there such a thing? Great job Albuquerque Fire Department and for going above and beyond hanging out with the kids and giving them snacks.

Albuquerque Fire Department crews responded to a daycare at Friday afternoon to deal with a hazmat incident.
According to AFD officials, a clogged toiled treated with several cleaning products caused three women to develop minor breathing issues at Little Blessings Child Development Center, located at 901 86th Street. They were transported to a hospital for treatment.
No children were sent to the hospital, according to AFD. After responders evaluated them, the children did not mention any complaints. Firefighters on scene offered snacks and drinks until their parents could pick them up.
Firefighters vented the building to remove the vapors caused by the chemicals. –

J.R. Oppenheim,

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