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As mentioned on Episode 47 of THMG Roundtable here is the information on the new App by Todd Burton!

Have you ever responded to a hazmat lab and couldn’t figure out what they were making?

For Todd Burton, this question came up on several occasions so he decided to make it easier on himself and help others by developing an app.  ‘I had several occasions where I responded to labs and could not figure out what they were making’ Todd tells HazMatNation.

This got me fired up and I wanted to prevent this problem in the future. 

Todd compiled countless hours of data through his training and experience and with help from some friends in the DEA and FBI.  He tells us he first made the LAB-ID into a printed chart that was distributed for free at many trainings and at conferences.   After lots of interest Todd decided to develop the app which is currently a web page (easily saved on your desktop or device) and should be in the app store early next year.   Todd also had assistance from Industrial Emergency Council (IEC) who he regularly teaches HazMat courses for.  ‘It’s still under development but it’s functional.  We may add WMD labs in the future.’ Burton ads.

Navigate to and register with an official email.  You will get an email from LAB-ID to verify your email and if approved you will be able to access the data.  See the How to use this app below.  Please use the Chrome or Safari browser.  It does not work well on Internet Explorer.


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