Lafayette HAZMAT responds to NaOH spill


HMN-Lafayette, LA HAZMAT units were dispatched to a vehicle accident, where several IBC’s of Sodium Hydroxide were leaking.  KATC provides more.

The Scott Fire Department was dispatched to a major traffic accident on Heide Circle around 5 p.m. yesterday.

Upon arrival, responders observed a singe vehicle accident involving a semi truck and a box trailer with hazardous materials placards, in a ditch.

Lafayette Fire Department’s Hazardous Material Unit was requested, to identify the product and determine if there was a leak.

The Haz-Mat crews identified the product as 41,700 pounds of sodium hydroxide.

While examining the trailer for any leaks, haz-mat personnel began receiving volatile organic compound readings with their equipment, which confirmed there was a leak inside the trailer.

Haz-mat team members made entry into the trailer and observed several 350-gallon containers sodium hydroxide, some of which were leaking.

Haz-Mat personnel removed the containers from the trailer where they were secured and decontaminated. The containers were then loaded on a separate truck for delivery.

They trailer was then turned over to a recovery company to be properly decontaminated.

It was determined that the driver took a wrong turn and was unable to negotiate a turn in the road.

There were no injuries as a result of this incident.

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