Lafayette, LA HAZMAT responds to overturned tanker



HMN-KATC reports that Scott Fire Department, as well as units from the Lafayette HAZMAT team, responded to an overturned tanker Sunday morning.  The tanker was carrying 45,000 pounds of Ethylene, and Diethylene Glycol.  The departments oversaw transfer operations before the trailer was up righted.

A tanker carrying hazardous materials crashed into a ditch alongside St. Mary Street in Scott.

Last night at 9:53 p.m., the Scott Fire Department was dispatched to an accident involving a tractor trailer in the 1600 block.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed a tanker transporting hazardous materials on its side.

The Lafayette Haz-Mat Unit was then called to the scene for assistance. Investigators say the trailer contained 45,000 pounds of Ethylene and Diethylene glycol, an antifreeze utilized in the oilfield service.

Chief Chad Sonnier with the Scott Fire Department says there were no leaks to the tanker, but as a precaution, the substance inside the overturned trailer was transferred into another trailer before the overturned truck and trailer were lifted.

Investigators say while the driver of the truck attempted to turn into a driveway, the trailer’s axle slid into a large ditch, causing the truck and trailer to lie on its side.

Chief Sonnier says several open alcohol containers were inside the vehicle during the time of the incident.

The driver was cited for careless operation with a crash, open container, operation of an overweight vehicle on a restricted roadway and careless handling of hazardous materials.

There were no evacuations or injuries as a result of the incident.

St. Mary Street has reopened to traffic.




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