Man burned by “glowing rocks” on beach; HAZMAT called

Beach hazmat

HMN-A man at Anna Maria beach was burned by “glowing rocks” and is currently in stable condition. The object is believed to have been a military flare, which was extinguished while hazmat searched the area for any other debris. (My Suncoast)

ANNA MARIA, FL (WWSB) – A man is recovering after a walk on the beach turned into a trip to the hospital.

Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies responded Wednesday to a suspicious fire at a beach near Willow Avenue and Gulf Drive on Anna Maria. When they arrived they found a unknown metal object up in flames. The West Manatee Fire Department also responded and the fire was put out.

 Deputies and public works employees then combed the area for any additional debris and removed some material with a rake and shovel. The item that was on fire was taken by public works.

Then, last night after dark, a 28 year old male was walking on that same stretch of beach when he observed what he said appeared to be glowing rocks. He collected some of the pieces and placed them in his pants pocket. The objects later burning through his pocket, burning both his leg and hand. He was transported to the hospital where he is now in stable condition.

 The object put out by the fire department has since been identified as a military training flare. The area where the flare was located is secure and a hazmat is set to search that location for any other debris.

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