Massive Fatberg

Massive fatberg made of congealed grease, wet wipes, block sewer in UK seaside town

According to the Springfield NewsSun:

South West Water, the local utility for the town of Sidmouth in Devon reported that the giant clog, the largest ever found under the town, measures 210 feet and will take up to eight weeks to remove.

“Fortunately, the fatberg has had no impact on Sidmouth’s excellent bathing water quality and has been discovered in good time,” South West officials said on their web site.

Workers will begin removing the monster clog early next month. 

It’s big. It’s ugly. And it’s inside a sewer on the south coast of England. Yes, it’s another fatberg. 

‘An unpleasant beast’: U.K. town discovers massive fatberg lurking in sewer | CBC Radio

Workers will don full breathing apparatuses and spend weeks cutting up a huge fatberg of grease, garbage and human waste on the Devon coast in the U.K. 

Have you heard abut the ‘fatberg’ clogging the sewer in England?

 “It’s the first time we have excavated a fatberg of this size and the confined space might mean it takes us a little longer or shorter,” officials said.

Workers will use high-pressure jets and special equipment to remove the fatberg, but utility officials said it will take weeks of manual labor with shovels and pickaxes to unclog the line.

Officials are reminding residents not to pour fats, oil or grease, products that create the giant clogs, down the drain. 


A “fatberg” measuring 210 feet and consisting of a combination of oil, fat, and wet wipes was found blocking a sewer in a seaside town in England. 

A ‘fatberg’ made of grease and wet wipes found in English sewer

A ‘fatberg’ made of wet wipes, oil and grease is blocking a sewer in a seaside town in England. It measures more than 200 feet, according to reports.

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