Mercury levels cause 3 classrooms to be sealed


HMN-Three classrooms were sealed over the weekend at Fontana A.B. Miller. reports that students came in contact with mercury which prompted the discovery of high levels in the rooms.

An incident Friday at Fontana’s A.B. Miller High School in which some students came in contact with mercury forced school officials to seal three involved classrooms over the weekend for inspection and safety, a school district official said Sunday.

The action was taken as a precaution by the San Bernardino County Fire Department’s Hazard Materials Division, which tested the rooms for mercury levels, said Michael Garcia, spokesman for the Fontana School District’s family and community engagement division.

A decision will be made Monday whether to re-open the classrooms. If the mercury levels remain above standard, classes scheduled for the rooms will be moved to another part of the school, Garcia said.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon when some students found a bottle containing mercury and came in contact with the chemical. They reported it to a teacher who alerted an administrator. The county’s hazmat unit was then called in.

The rooms were quarantined and the hazardous levels of the affected students and classrooms were checked. All were low, and students were released, Garcia said.

The school needs the classrooms to be cleared before they are reopened, and Garcia said he expects that to happen Monday.

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