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Michael Shedd currently works full time for a municipal agency in South Carolina. He is involved with hazardous materials response on an all hazards WMD/CBRNE team that covers a full spectrum of possibilities for response, as well as being an active member of the state haz-mat workgroup. His background ranges in experience from urban city to rural response, from Type 3 to Type 1 teams. Currently assigned to a Type 1 team, he continues to learn and share his experiences with others while having a heavy focus on clandestine based operations response due to the current trends in the area, but still pursues to learn more about other topics in haz-mat. He holds various certifications in topics such as Ground Transportation, Rail, WMD, Incident Command, as well as Clandestine Lab Processing. His numerous articles can be found here on site pertaining to clandestine and other matters of response, and he can be reached at the HazmatNation Facebook Page

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