Nearly 1000 gallons of diesel spill into Pompano Beach, FL. storm drain

HMN-Responding to a diesel spill of this size would take some special consideration. What is your choice for monitoring devices and tactics? See the full story on ABC10News


 POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – The Broward County Fire Rescue hazmat team worked Sunday to clean up 800 – 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel that flowed into a storm drain in Pompano Beach.

The spill took place at the Allegiance Crane Yard facility, which is in the 1400 block of Southwest Eighth Street.

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The fuel ran into a storm drain near the facility, officials said.

“We smelled some pretty strong fumes coming from the plant so we went to investigate,” Kyle Luneburg, who works in the area, said. “We walked outside and we noticed all the water had a green tint to it, and the water itself smelled like gasoline or diesel.”

Nearby businesses were evacuated as crews cleaned up the spill.

Officials are looking into the cause of the incident.

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