NH3 release at Ice Rink in Michigan

According to FOX47 News:

UPDATE – UPDATE – MSU Police Department have reported an update regarding a chemical release on MSU’s campus at Munn Ice Arena.

The MSU Police posted the update on their Facebook and Twitter pages, saying “The release at MSU East Lansing Campus has been resolved and repairs are underway. Chestnut Road has been opened to vehicle traffic. Munn Ice Arena is still closed.”

News reports the leak was ‘shut off by firefighters’. (Article here)

Ammonia releases were discussed on the HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable after the deadly release at a cold storage facility in Boston earlier this month.  See below.

Todd Burton reminds us that” remember for Ammonia LEL = 15%, 10% of the LEL = 1.5% converted to ppm = 15,000 ppm. Ammonia is both toxic and can be flammable. Discuss response with YOUR crews and have a plan before the next response.



The HazMat Guys Podcast

The HazMat Guys Podcast

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