Overheating Acrylamide tank in Mobile County


HMN-A tank containing Acrylamide has Mobile Fire applying water in an attempt to cool it down. (Fox 10)

UPDATE: Officials are evacuating areas south of Viaduct Road and east of Telegraph Road. Mobile Fire-Rescue said Chickasaw Police will be going through neighborhoods in the area to help people get out.

Mobile Fire-Rescue units were on the scene Wednesday afternoon at Kemira Water Solutions where a tank was overheating.

This is off Telegraph Road on Cyanamid Road.

MFRD says thousands of gallons of water have been poured on the tank in an attempt to cool it and prevent a rupture.

Per Kemira sources, a large tank filled with acrylamide was overheating. MFRD Hazmat teams, along with additional companies on standby, were requested to the scene to help cool the tank in order to prevent a potential full rupture.

MFRD says that if the chemical leaks as a vapor it can be dangerous to breathe or if it gets on the skin.

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