Phoenix responds to house fire, gas leak.

Gas leak

HMN-Phoenix firefighters evacuated part of a neighborhood after discovering a broken gas line during post fire operations.  The line was leaking into the back yard of the home. KTAR

PHOENIX — Natural gas leaked into the backyard of an abandoned home that caught on fire early Saturday morning, the Phoenix Fire Department said.

Around 4 p.m. a house south of Southern and 7th Avenues caught on fire and threatened nearby homes. Police did not find anybody trapped in the fire.

After putting out the majority of the flames, firefighters discovered a burnt power line was discovered in the backyard.

They saw a gas line going into the home was broken and leaking natural gas into the backyard.

As a result of the fire and gas, there were some temporary evacuations in the neighborhood.

A little after 5 p.m., department spokesperson Captain Jake Van Hook said the gas leak and electricity was secured and hot spots were being put out.

The department is investigating the cause of the fire.


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