Plain Dealing tank fire sends oil tank into air

tank fire


PLAIN DEALING, La. – Firefighters from north Bossier Parish worked Friday to contain an oil tank fire off La. Highway 3 near Plain Dealing.

Only one of three tanks caught fire, while firefighters sprayed water to keep the others cool.

Then there was an explosion.

“The tank went up a few hundred feet,” said Fire Chief Marvin Aldrich of Bossier Parish Fire District 7. “It was so high that it looked like a 50-gallon barrel in the air.”

Sgt. Buck Wilkins of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office was working traffic control when he saw and felt the explosion. First he saw the smoke, then the tank flying a few hundred feet in the air. “I was worried to death that something was going to happen (to the firefighters), and it’s a miracle nothing happened.”

The tank landed not far from Highway 3, and the explosion caused damage to some of the firefighters’ equipment. They were shaken up, but okay. They gathered themselves, and that’s when they decided to do one thing – pray.

“God put His hands and moved that tank away from us,” Aldrich said.

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  1. Given that we see discoloration down the side of the tank the question of just what exploded comes to mind. So a follow-up report could benefit a whole lot of folks in providing an education on things that may go wrong in this sort of situation. Firefighters do need to know this stuff.

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