Propane equipment fire behind Bern Township business


HMN-The Reading Eagle reports that the equipment mixes liquid propane and vapors.



Numerous fire companies responded to a Bern Township manufacturing plant late Sunday after an exterior piece of equipment that mixes propane caught on fire.

The tank was emitting gas that was aflame when crews arrived shortly after 11:30 p.m. at Eagle Metals, 1243 Old Bernville Road, said Capt. Joe Stoudt of Greenfields Fire Company.

Fire commanders immediately called for reinforcements from area fire companies because the equipment was about 30 feet from the building and next to a hydrogen gas tank.

“We went to the tanker task force basically as a ‘just in case,’ ” said Stoudt, noting that there were no nearby hydrants.

Eagle Metals, a privately owned company, manufactures custom, light-gauge copper and nickel-based alloys and stainless steel.

The equipment was actually a propane mixer, company officials said. Liquid propane is mixed with propane gas to feed the annealing furnace, which heats material to make it softer and more workable.

Firefighters used hoses to spray the propane mixer and the nearby hydrogen tank to cool them until the flow of propane gas stopped.

The flames did not spread to the structure. The situation was declared under control after about 21/2 hours.


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  1. The post references a unit used to mix propane liquid and gas. I think the unit was most likely a mixer but for air and propane. There are a few manufacturers that build them, one is Ransom. This is from one manufacturer’s website: PAM Series Direct-Fired Vaporizer-Mixers provide an economical, dependable source of propane-air mixture to replace natural gas for any industrial or commercial use up to 73,500 SCFH at as high as 30 PSI. Applications include factories, hospitals, schools, office buildings, small utilities and many others. They are individually factory-tested and calibrated on propane and shipped ready for use.

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