Reference cards to sort out the difficult calls

HMN – Thanks to Todd Burton and IEC for providing reference cards to help with decision making during those difficult calls. Todd created the cards ‘to help hazmatters distinguish between drug labs and explosives labs’ and ads ‘I hope it is a nugget you can add to your tool box’.

Todd, who is a specialized hazmat responder in San Diego County is a frequent contributor behind the scenes to ‘The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable’ found here every Tuesday Night at 9:15 PM EST

Todd Burton is well known for producing videos to assist first responders in dealing with challenging calls as well as great hands on training!  Find his videos on HERE or his YouTube Channel

Click links below for Chemical Suicide and Clan Lab vs Explosive Lab Reference Cards

HazMat Suicides Matrix V2015.2

Identify Your Unknown Lab 2015


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