Reported cyanide spill on Pittsburgh campus



HMN-A reported “Cyanide-derived material” spill at the University of Pittsburgh Chevron Science Center brings HAZMAT units to the campus. WTAE/AP reports that three students have checked out ok after the incident.

Three students have been checked out by paramedics and deemed OK after a “cyanide-derived compound” spilled at the University of Pittsburgh’s Chevron Science Center.

University spokesman Joe Miksch confirmed police radio reports that a small amount of the poisonous chemical compound spilled about 10:15 a.m. Thursday. Miksch couldn’t immediately say how that happened or exactly what the students involved were doing in an 11th floor laboratory.

Miksch says the students refused further treatment. The 11th floor and 10th floor were briefly evacuated as a precaution, but everyone had returned to the building by about 11 a.m.

The city’s hazardous materials team responded to assist university officials.

Miksch says the spill has been contained and cleaned up.


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