Residential Structure involving nuclear reactor inside garage attached to a residence prompts haz-mat, and bomb squad response

Columbus Dispatch

A Northwest side street has been evacuated while bomb squad, fire personnel and other emergency responders investigate a resident’s report that he sustained minor burns from a possible small nuclear reactor inside a residential garage.

The incident was reported at a home on the 6300 block of Chippenhook Court, a cul-de-sac located at the far west end of Cranston Drive in Cranston Commons. The residential development is located off Route 33 (Riverside Drive) on the west side and Sawmill Road on the east.

As a precaution while authorities investigates the man’s claims, Chippenhook Court was evacuated and Cranston Drive was closed between Route 33 and Dummerston Court, the next cul-de-sac street east in the subdivision.

The man told bomb squad, arson fire investigators and medics that he sustained “radio frequency burns” while working on a “quantum physics generator” in his garage, said Battalion Chief Steve Martin, the Columbus Division of Fire spokesman.

“We have no reason to believe that he was trying to make anything that would do anyone any harm,” Martin said.

He said the man did not appear to be injured, at least not seriously.

The large emergency response and the evacuation of residents on Chippenhook was done out of an abundance of caution while investigators were “evaluating his story,” Martin said.

In addition, radiation level checks were being conducted at the house, Martin said.


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