Sacramento Fire responds to HAZMAT at high school


Emergency personnel are at St. Francis Catholic High School in Sacramento responding to a hazmat situation Thursday.

Around 10 a.m., authorities received a call regarding an odor at St. Francis High School. After arriving, firefighters declared the situation a major casualty incident due to the number of potential patients.

A total of five ambulances are at the scene. 10 students and two teachers are being treated on the scene; all are expected to go to the hospital.

An announcement from the school at the scene clarified that there was no gas and no leak. They also acknowledged that the school was being very precautious, that students were safe, and that the day will proceed as normal.

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  1. A false alarm indeed! Do we get any information as to what the “smell” was??? The one similar incident that I am aware of was ended when it was determined that “the smell” was a spoiled egg salad sandwich in a bag in a trash can.

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