Santa Rosa hazmat team removes mercury from Oakmont garage


Source: Press Democrat

Source: Press Democrat

A Santa Rosa Fire Department hazardous materials team removed a glass jar of mercury from a garage in Oakmont without incident Monday morning.

Firefighters were called about 10:30 a.m. by a resident on Aspen Meadows Circle, who said a neighbor who hadmoved away had left him the jar sealed with a cork that appeared to be failing, Assistant Fire Marshal Paul Lowenthal said. The man had taped the cork in place and called for assistance, he said.

Taking a cautious approach, firefighters closed a portion of the street and sent two hazmat team members in protective suits into the garage to assess the situation. After determining the jar held about a cup of mercury, which is poisonous, the team placed it in a paint can-sized container, which was locked inside a five-gallon bucket padded with absorbent material, Lowenthal said.

The mercury in the jar “was as contained as it could be — just as we’d like,” he said. The operation, which took less than an hour, attracted a crowd of onlookers, he said.

The mercury was taken to the municipal services center for collection by state Department of Toxic Substance Control personnel, Lowenthal said.


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