Shake N’ Bake meth spill closes Wal-Mart after book bag leaks throughout store



HIGH POINT, N.C. — The Walmart on South Main Street in High Point was evacuated Monday after a suspicious spill.

Around 5 p.m., a man had a liquid coming out of his backpack in the bakery area and tracked the liquid into the bathroom. The man then left the store.

Employees weren’t sure what the liquid was so they poured their spill kit on it and it changed color.

Firefighters and police were called in to investigate and the store was evacuated.

High Point police confirmed Monday evening that the liquid came from a small meth operation in a bottle.

The store was evacuated out of an abundance of caution and no one has gotten sick from the spill.

High Point police said the Walmart will be closed “for an extended time.”

Police are working to identify the man who had the backpack with the meth operation in it.

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