Industrial fire reported at Sinclair refinery.

Industrial fire crews mitigate small fire at Sinclair refinery.


Industrial fire

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HMN-A small fire broke out in an operating unit Monday at the Rawlins, WY refinery operated by Sinclair.  According to officials there were no injuries or offsite impacts.  The fire was contained in about 90 minutes by industrial fire crews according to

SINCLAIR — Sirens broke the early morning silence in Sinclair on Monday, signaling that a unit fire had ignited within the nearby oil refinery.

Sinclair Oil Refinery’s Community Relations Director Ryta Sondergard confirmed in a phone interview that there had been a fire within the refinery at about 2:30 a.m. Monday.

“There wasn’t an explosion, there was a small unit fire that was contained within 90 minutes,” Sondergard said. “No injuries, no serious damage, the refinery was never down.”

An internal team has already convened to investigate the cause of the fire, and they will be joined by an outside agency to do a thorough review of the fire should that be necessary.

Sondergard said the fire was completely extinguished by 5 a.m.

The fire was contained to one of the refinery’s four operating units, but Sinclair is unwilling to release the name of the unit in question until the investigation has concluded, which should take about a day, according to Sondergard.

“There was no danger to the town of Sinclair or any of the surrounding area,” Sondergard said. “It all internal and captured at one unit.”

Sondergard said that units like these can be a fire hazard in extreme cold temperatures, but added that there was no way to tell for sure what caused the blaze until the investigation is concluded. Sinclair’s refinery has been striving to be the safest and most efficient refinery it can be and Sondergard said this fire was no setback to the overall mission.

“The fact that it was taken care of so quickly and in a safe manner is still attributable to our standards and procedures of what we’ve been doing,” Sondergard said.

Sondergard said the identity of the unit and the cause of the fire will be released following the investigation.

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