Spilled diesel from generator flows into Texas waterway

Diesel spill

CBS 19

HMN-Tyler Fire and HAZMAT crews responded to the Texas Spine and Joint Hospital for a reported diesel spill from a generator. CBS 19 reports that the spill was actually making its way to a creek that runs through the area.

TYLER – The Tyler Fire Department Hazmat Crew is working to clean a diesel spill that happened at the Texas Spine and Joint Hospital. Officials say the diesel came from a generator that is located near the Donnybrook Avenue entrance.

A spokesperson with the hospital says the spill happened Thursday night when a cleaning company was servicing the generator. He says the person cleaning the generator initially reported it was a small spill, that had been cleaned immediately.

Fire officials say the fuel made its way into the creek that runs through the Children’s Park on Broadway Avenue. At this time, it is unknown how many gallons of diesel were dumped into that creek.

Jess Mowery, Texas Spine and Joint Hospital Communications Officer, said the facility was working with the fire department and cleaning company to clear the diesel spill as fast as possible.

Fuel cleaning company, Diesel Fuel Maintenance, has accepted responsibility and contracted Lone Star Hazmat to help cleanup the spill. Lone Star Hazmat will start downstream from the Children’s Park and work upstream toward the hospital.

According to Jess Mowery, Marketing Manager with Texas Spine & Joint Hospital, the spill happened when the technician made a significant mistake pumping the cleaned fuel back into the hospital’s generator.

The spill did not affect any of the hospital’s operations, and remains open at this time.

No word on how long it will take to finish the cleanup.

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