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Nerve Agents Part II: Response Considerations

NERVE AGENTS PART 2: Response Considerations David Millstein, May 2017 If you recall from the first part of this article we focused on VX, a particularly hazardous WMD nerve agent. Although designed for use in military operations, nerve agent use has been on the decline for decades, but through clandestine synthesis, theft, or military use, they should remain (or be ...

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Nerve Agent and VX Review

By David Millstein, April 2017 Your flight is delayed. As you sit with perhaps hundreds of other people in the terminal you become bored, even frustrated as times slowly passes. It’s late and you want to get home. Glancing up, you notice a small commotion at a gate desk and you assume it is another frustrated passenger with yet another ...

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Novato vandal throws bag of biowaste, chemicals inside supermarket

This was no accident. An example of intentional act using hazardous material to disturb and endanger the public. According to CBS news out of Northern California: A vandal hurled a bag of urine, feces, paint and rubbing alcohol inside a Novato supermarket on Sunday, forcing the closure of the store for a hazardous materials investigation, fire officials said. The incident ...

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