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Southern California facility reports gas leak

Gas leak

HMN-A Southern California gas facility reported a leak after a gasket failure Monday evening. ABC 7 reports that the facility did register readings on its fence line monitors. Aliso Canyon sees hour-long gas leak after equipment failure PORTER RANCH, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A new gas leak was reported Monday night at the Southern California Gas facility near Porter Ranch. ...

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Long Beach HAZMAT stops gas leak


HMN-Fire crews from Long Beach, CA stopped a gas leak over the weekend that had originally prompted a large Hazmat response according to Press Telegram. A natural gas leak prompted hazmat crews to warn residents at an East Long Beach mobile home park to shelter in place for about an hour and a half over the weekend. The leak was ...

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HAZMATTERS: City of Santa Clara

HAZMATTERS: City of Santa Clara On this edition of HAZMATTERS we are highlighting the team out of the City of Santa Clara, California. HAZMAT responses roll out of station #9 in Santa Clara.  Housed at this station is HM99,  a 1997 Spartan Gladiator that seats four, and has an onboard command post. HM99 is also dispatched with Engine 99 to ...

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Banned pesticide causes evacuation of forest service station


HMN-HAZMAT units responded to a US forest service station in Porterville after a citizen brought in a banned pesticide known as Carbofuran.  The Visalia Times-Delta reports that the material was banned in the US in 2009. Hazmat crews responded to the U.S. Forest Service Station in Porterville on Tuesday. Crews were called just after 5:30 p.m. Tuesday after a citizen ...

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125 evacuated from Gallo winery due to ammonia leak – FF injured

According to the Fresno Bee: About 125 workers at the E.J. Gallo winery at Olive and Clovis avenue were evacuated Wednesday morning after a worker cut an ammonia line, the Fresno Fire Department reported. The accident occurred about 8 a.m. A hazmat unit responded. Richard Cabral, a spokesman for the fire department, said firefighters swiftly reduced the ammonia leak to ...

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Hazmatters: Central Fire Protection District Santa Cruz, CA.

HMN- This weeks Hazmatters of the week are from the Central Fire Protection District in Santa Cruz, California. Central Fire Protection District responds to emergency and non-emergency hazardous materials incidents. Such incidents could include actual or potential spills, leaks, and exposures to substances that pose a threat to life, health, and/or property. District personnel are certified as Hazardous Materials First Responders and ...

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Hazmat Crews Clean Up Mercury Spill in Ca.

Mercury spill

HMN- Mercury found in public leads to hazardous materials clean up according to Patch.Com CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA — Hazardous materials crews have finished cleaning up a mercury spill that was discovered Monday morning on a street in Antioch, officials with Contra Costa County Health Services said Friday. Crews found liquid mercury in seven places in the 2200 block of ...

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California chemical company indicted on smuggling charges

HMN- According to the East Bay Times the California chemical company, AK Scientific, mislabeled hazmat loads as non hazmat. This fundamentally undermines the job of responding units should a spill require emergency response. Chemical and physical properties of spills are the basis of PPE selection and mitigation tactics as responders use the labeling for decision making. UNION CITY, CA. — A ...

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100 evacuated in Corcoran when ammonia truck overturns – video

Ammonia leak evacuates Corcoran in California According to the Fresno Bee: One hundred people in Corcoran have been evacuated Monday after an ammonia truck overturned and started leaking. Kings County Fire Chief Clay Smith said the main valve on the ammonia tank has been shut, but a vent tube was still releasing ammonia as of about noon. The vent is ...

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