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The HazMat guys have answers

Haz mat guys

  HMN-Our brothers “The HazMat Guys” have recently launched a new series that we are very excited about. First of all, if you are not listening to “The HazMat Guys Podcast” do yourself a favor and check them out.  Mike and Bobby do an amazing job at breaking down Hazmat response topics on the Podcast platform that makes training relevant, ...

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PPE Selection Secrets by The HazMat Guys

The HazMat Guys – PPE selection secrets! HMN- Working to improve your game?  Got a long drive ahead and need a playlist?  Want to get smarter?  Whatever your motivation, check out this episode of the HazMat Guys Podcast and learn the secrets of PPE selection.  It’s as easy as following the link, and putting in your earbuds.  Enjoy. Click here ...

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Direct Fire Attack: Putting the meat in the line of fire

Better Living Through Chemisty While the rest argue whether they are hitting it from the yard or going in, our friends at FDNY HM1/Squad288 are perfecting direct fire attack, on their dinner.  When Bobby Salveson and Mike Monaco of The HazMat Guys Podcast get involved with cooking – better be ready for something unique. Want to improve your knowledge when it ...

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