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Firefighters use grant to purchase HAZMAT training simulator


HMN-Firefighters from the Plainfield Fire Protection District recently received a grant from Illinois American Water, and intend to buy HAZSIM gas training simulator with funding. (The Times Weekly) The Plainfield Fire Protection District will be purchasing a HazSim Pro radiation and multi gas training monitor to assist firefighters with training scenarios thanks to a grant from Illinois American Water (IAW). ...

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HazSim “making it real”

HazSim Pro training system has been used to train across the U.S since 2011. Trainers in HazMat and Confined Space realized that ‘tapping the student on the shoulder’ was NOT effective training.  This system uses NO hazardous materials and although may not look exactly like your front line meter, shows the important data which the all students needs to learn ...

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Rail Safety and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training Announcement

HMN- Our friends at Hazmat Management have announced training opportunities. The Chlorine Institute & TRANSCAER Announce the 2017 Rail Safety and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training Tour & Webinar Schedule The Chlorine Institute (CI) recently announced its 2017 Chlorine Institute/TRANSCAER Rail Safety and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training Tour and webinar schedule under the TRANSCAER program. All sessions are free ...

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Hands on HazMat at Florida HazMat Symposium 2017

Florida HazMat Symposium & Fire Rescue East 2017 HMN – This week Firefighters and other first responders are enjoying the great weather and excellent training in beautiful Daytona Beach Florida at the Florida HazMat Symposium.  Our own Bob ‘da Cosch’ Coschignano and Derek Schaumann, both of Orlando Fire Department taught another Hands on HazMat course utilizing several props designed to challenge ...

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Haz-Matters: Winchester, Kentucky Fire Department

Today’s Haz-Matters are: Winchester Fire Department in the City of Winchester, Kentucky We want to know about you! You can have your team, truck, or techs featured on hazmatnation.com by submitting your pictures and hazmat biography to info@hazmatnation.com This Haz-Matters is brought to you by HazSim. Keep training realistic! Over 100 HazSim systems in use across the U.S. Find out ...

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Hands-on HazMat Drills – Stop the leak!

A Hazardous Materials Response team may be faced with many challenges.  One of those challenges is stopping a dangerous chemical leak when no other options are available. The HazMat team going down range in the hotzone to ‘stop that leak’ may face physically demanding and challenging manipulative tasks while also wearing hot, humid, and cumbersome PPE.  The only way to ...

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