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Cancer Patient Cremated Leaves Radioactive Material Behind

GIZMODO     An Arizona crematorium was contaminated with radiation after the cremation of a patient who’d received radiopharmaceutical treatment, according to a new case study. Radioactive materials have a variety of uses in medicine, for both diagnosis and treatment. An occasionally overlooked matter is what to do with the body after the patient has died, a problem for which there ...

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Grand Canyon visitors, employees may have been exposed for years to radiation

ABC7      GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK (KABC) — Tourists and employees may have been exposed to dangerous radiation levels at the Grand Canyon, federal officials said. Three paint cans stored in the Grand Canyon National Park’s museum collection were full of radioactive uranium for decades. The cans have been removed after being discovered. However, according to the park’s safety director, thousands ...

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Kromek Secures Contract to Create Vehicle Mounted Biological Weapon Detection Equipment

ChronicleLive Radiation detection pioneer Kromek is developing a piece of tech to protect the public against biological attacks as part of a new US contract.   The Sedgefield firm is already working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), which is part of the US Department of Defense, to supply handheld ‘dirty bomb’ detectors.     But this deal – ...

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