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Engagement – By Joshua Fowler


Engagement By Joshua Fowler   So recently I found myself reading Gallup’s State of the American Workplace. The majority of the data and information found throughout this piece (along with some random thoughts of my own) comes from Gallup in one form or another. In order to adequately give credit where credit is due, I will go ahead and cite ...

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How the Omaha Fire Department prepares for HAZMAT calls


  Tonight on @WOWT6News hear from @OmahaFireDept firefighters who recently had to put these on while responding to a call at Nathan Hale Middle School. pic.twitter.com/dNvyjK8qo0 — Lileana Pearson WOWT (@lileana_pearson) March 2, 2019   (WOWT)   OMAHA, Ne. (WOWT) – First-responders put their lives and health on the line every day. That situation played out Wednesday when the Omaha ...

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Colorado hospital trains for Hazmat exposures

  (WesternSlopeNow) GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Community Hospital held an emergency preparedness exercise for their staff Wednesday morning. “These type of emergency preparedness drills are really important for healthcare organizations, Community Hospital tries to do them every one to two years,” said Community Hospital Communications Director Karen Martsolf. The exercise was set up to test the capabilities of the hospital’s ...

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Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: HazMat Leadership – PART II

Josh fowler

Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: HazMat Leadership – PART II Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: HazMat Leadership In our previous installment (PART I) of Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive we briefly discussed the dynamics and importance of shooting from a HazMat leadership perspective. Shooting (or in our case, HazMat Operations) can be difficult even during training. So consider how much more difficult it ...

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How prepared are your area hospitals for a HAZMAT situation?


HMN-A Toledo hospital has been training to be ready for any hazmat situation that’s comes its way.  After 2 recent patients, the hospital thinks it is time to train for more.  (Toledo Blade) When exposure to potentially dangerous substances twice sent multiple people to the hospital in a span of a week, the staff at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical ...

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Begin With The End In Mind Part 2: D.E.C.I.D.E.


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HazMat Operations – Begin With The End In Mind

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Naval submarine base FD tests HAZMAT skills

Naval hazmat

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HMN- Hello fellow hazmatters and welcome back to the Buzz Blog. I want to start of this edition by defining the word legacy. Legacy is:  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. One could apply this definition in many different ways to their lives. In fire service terms I believe it boils down ...

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Hydrogen Flouride Emergency Response

SWS Environmental Services Presents: Hydrogen Fluoride Emergency Response It’s a slow day at the station when a call comes in for a hazardous materials spill at a commercial car wash. Dispatch advises the caller reported the spilled hazmat is corrosive, but they did not give a chemical name. ▪ ERG advises guide 153 – Substances Toxic and/or Corrosive based on ...

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