The HazMat Guys Podcast

The HazMat Guys Podcast

We are big fans of training and feel that if you don’t think you need training, you probably should find another line of work OR adjust what you are doing and make a plan to improve.  The HazMat Guys Podcast is by, well, the HazMat guys.   The HazMat Guys are two responders who have a knack for discussing and creating discussion on HazMat.

the hazmat guys

Hot Wash from ‘the HazMat Guys’

Bob and Mike, the HazMat Guys, deliver the HazMat guys podcast to help fellow responders understand all information for all aspects of Hazardous Materials Response.  The HazMat guys understand that HazMat is complicated and any type of good training is welcome to those of us who take our job seriously.

I listen to the HazMat guys podcast on my way in to the station, when I run, and in my sleep – Local Closet HazMatter

With faces for radio, Bob and Mike aka ‘The HazMat Guys‘ are providing a unique medium to get difficult to remember curriculum in to our heads.  The HazMat Guys is a mini-radio show that can easily be used as your company drill.  Currently the podcast includes training as well as interviews with other HazMat guys and gals across the country who share their experiences in the world of HazMat response in the Hot Wash feature.

As the HazMat guys, who also happen to work on FDNY’s HazMat 1, tell us ‘this can be something that you can listen to and stay current while driving to work, or performing chores.


Click the links and take a listen for yourself.  It is easy to sign up and free. – HMN

The HazMat Guys Podcast

The HazMat Guys Podcast

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