Torrance Refinery


According to ABC7:

The Torrance Police Department issued an alert for the city, notifying them that the Torrance ExxonMobil Refinery had an explosion and fire early Saturday morning.

Authorities did not release further information on the incident, but did say the fire is out and there was no impact to anything offsite.

A protest is planned at the refinery later in the afternoon on the 2-year anniversary of an explosion at the plant that left two people injured. The explosion also launched an 80,000-pound piece of equipment within feet of a structure that housed a highly volatile and toxic substance, modified hydrofluoric acid.

Federal investigators in January said a failure to follow safety guidelines was partly to blame for the blast and that the aftermath could have been “catastrophic” had the equipment hit the unit housing MHF.

California workplace regulators fined ExxonMobil more than $500 million for the violations related to the explosion.

The refinery has been under constant scrutiny since the explosion as small fires and flare ups have been reported since and raised concern among residents living nearby.


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