Train carrying grenades and bombs derails in Nevada



(Business Insider)

A train carrying bombs, ammonium nitrate, and grenades has derailed in Elko County, Nevada.

According to a public-safety alert from the Elko City and County Public Safety Department posted on Twitter, the train derailed in Wells, Nevada, around 10:20 a.m. local time on Wednesday.

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that 1 9 railroad cars were involved in the derailment.

Video posted on Twitter showed smoke billowing from the train.

It remains unclear what company train belongs to, and if any of the cars that derailed were carrying hazardous materials. It is unknown if anyone has been injured in the incident.

Emergency responders at the scene report having found a “white powdery substance” all over the ground near the derailment.

Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound commonly used in fertilizers and explosives.

Lt. McKinney of the Elko County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 13 that he believed the train was also carrying military munitions.

The Elko County Sheriff’s Office said that I-80 was closed in both directions near Wells, in northeast Nevada, following the derailment.

In 2004, flammable cargo — including ammonium nitrate — exploded at Ryongchon station in North Korea, near its border with the People’s Republic of China. The disaster killed at least 54 people and injured 1,249, according to a New York Times report.


  1. Not a whole lot of information was presented in this post. No speculation as to the cause of the derailment. No statement about how fastr tghe train was traveling.

  2. No mention of any clue as to what may have caused the wreck. Looking at the number of cars folded along the track it must have been going quite fast. But no mention is made of the speed. Why is that?

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