UK firefighters called to investigate gas odor

UK hazmat

HMN-A Townbridge hazmat unit was sent to assist other from Dorset, and Wiltshire after a call from the public regarding an odor of gas.  SomersetLive reports that a spill of chlorite was confirmed to have occurred, but was isolated before crews got on site.

Fire fighters from Wiltshire and Dorset were called to assist local crews at Hatchet Hill near Frome after they received a call from the public saying they could smell gas.

A crew from Trowbridge was sent as it was suspected hazardous material was involved.

The Environmental Protection Unit from Gillingham was also mobilised.

When crews investigated the area they confirmed the spillage to be Chlorite.

The fire log stated the emergency services were called shortly before 3pm on January 6 2018.

It says: “The fire service received a call from a property in Hatchet Hill near Frome stating a smell of gas in the Plant Room.

“Two Fire Appliances from Frome, a Fire Appliance from Trowbridge and the Environmental Protection Unit from Gillingham was mobilised to this incident.

“On arrival, crews got to work with two Breathing Apparatus, Litmus Paper and a Gas Monitor to investigate the area. Crews confirmed the spillage to be Chlorite that had been isolated prior to the arrival of the Fire Service.”

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