UPDATE: Keene High cleared after hazmat investigation, radioactive chemical removed

KEENE — Keene High School has been cleared of any type of contamination following a potential hazmat incident involving Cesium-137, a radioactive chemical.

READ: UPDATE: Preliminary readings say no hazardous materials in Keene High School, officials say
The material of concern had been identified as Cesium-137, which is an instrument used solely for demonstration in science labs, Superintendent Robert H. Malay said in a press release.

Preliminary and secondary readings conducted by police and fire were within appropriate exposure limits. The material was removed as a precaution and to prevent any further recurrence.

Cesium-137 is a radioactive chemical, which can easily move and spread in nature due to it’s high rate to dissolve in water. A 1970’s experiment with Cesium-137 led to the deaths of the dogs in the experiment.

hazsim hands on hazmat

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