What you don’t know will hurt you. The modern battery.

Forget about the Rise of the Machines! It is the batteries we should be worried about.

We have learned that over-charging of the lead acid batteries release Hydrogen which can cause false hits for CO (carbon monoxide) on our meters. Turns out the modern battery, which is critical to the advancement of ‘clean’ fuel alternatives, comes with a new set of dangers.

In this episode Phil and Salvo discuss what starts out as a basic discussion on a golf cart charging inside of a Florida garage (shocker), and the Hydrogen, CO, phenomenon.    As a special guest to the show we bring on one of Bob’s friends and colleagues Paul Rogers from the FDNY. He is spearheading a task force of people from around the globe to bring battery power standards to the fire service and industry. He drops some knowledge on all of us.  Special thanks to Paul and the FDNY for their efforts to make things safer for all of us and enlightening us to dangers totally new to the Fire Service.

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  1. Mike DiStefano

    Hi Guys
    I work in the Villages in Florida, We have over 50,000 golf carts here and an assortment of electric vehicles. We run on this problem almost daily. My old Chief wrote a paper for his EFO program on this subject. If you ever have any questions about golf carts give me a call. Thanks for the talk.

    Mike D

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