White Powder still a concern for Hazmat Teams

HMN- Many teams are still dealing with “white powder” calls. With a multitude of research procedures and field testing options good standard operating procedures to guide your response are important. Check out the Hazmat Guys Nation Roundtable on white powder response below and review your roll in this specialized response by clicking here!

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County Hazmat Investigates Suspicious Powder at Antioch Kaiser

At 12:30 pm Thursday, authorities responded to a report of a suspicious white powder that was found inside a letter sent to Kaiser in the 3400 block of Delta Fair Blvd.

Contra Costa County Health Services, Hazmat, was requested to the scene where they isolated the mail room and began testing the suspicious substance.

According to Maria Duazo, the Hazardous Materials Specialist on scene, the tests came out negative for agents of concern.

“We have a white powder screening procedure,” said Duazo. “All of the field tests come out negative for agents of concern. One of the field tests shows it looked like a flower base substance. We isolated the area and expect to have more conclusive results by Friday after it goes to the county. There is no need for the public to be concerned or believe they will be impacted by the situation because it’s isolated to the mailroom at Kaiser.”

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